Green Cleaning is High Quality & Environmentally Safe & Responsible for Your Home or Office


Avoid exposure to chemical cleaning toxins, frustration, and paying for cleaning services that don’t do the job….

As a business manager, or home owner who is looking for excellence in cleaning services, you know how hard it is to find the right service – one that continues to deliver quality cleaning services throughout their contract.



Environmental Benefits of Green Cleaning

With natural cleaning solutions, there are no harsh chemicals or environmental toxins being flushed down the drain to end up in our streams and water systems. Our natural solutions minimize risk to the health of your employees, clients, family and the most vulnerable – children, the elderly, and pets.



Health Benefits of Green Cleaning

Did you know? The Consumer Products Safety Commission determined that more than 150 chemicals found in ordinary household products are directly responsible for producing cancers, allergies, and birth defects.



Vacation Rentals

As a Vacation Rental Owner, you want a company you can trust, that will always be there to clean in between tenants. We specialize in Rental Properties, as well as commercial and residential properties. We guarantee the same quality of cleaning for all our rentals. Laundry and cleaning is important as well as set up for incoming tenants….



Home Owners

Are you too busy to find the time to clean your home? Need a reliable and trustworthy service? Do you want to protect your family and pets from exposure to toxic chemical cleaning solutions? Want a cleaning company that uses natural, biodegradable cleaning solutions. These services are especially valued by people who have….



Business Owners

Business Owners / Managers Are you tired of hiring and firing cleaning services? Are you annoyed at finding your desk dusty after your cleaning service has just left? Is dust piling up in your carpeting because your cleaning service doesn’t do the job well? Are your telephone receivers, light switches, and door knobs being sanitized….


When you hire Top Green Cleaning, you get:

• a consistently high quality cleaning service;
• professionals who take pride in their work;
• a home that smells fresh and clean, rather than full of harsh, toxic chemicals;
• a dust-free environment;
• an environmentally-friendly service.

A GREEN cleaning service that allows you to live your life and work in a healthy, clean environment!

The Best Green Cleaning Services providing services in the Greater Phoenix Arizona:
Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Central Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley